Integrated cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis announced the release of the third wave of its comprehensive Hispanic Millennial Project conducted in conjunction with leading market research firm ThinkNow Research. This third wave examines Hispanics’ perceptions of money, savings, banking and financial wellbeing.

“Unlike most people in the United States, Hispanic Millennials have a much more positive opinion of banks,” Sensis founder and President Jose Villa said. “And while they trust traditional banks, they are also very open to new banking technology. Hispanic Millennials want their financial institutions to be innovative and accountable.”

Other key themes emerging from the report include:

  • Money is important but it’s not everything
  • Hispanic Millennials are pragmatic about saving for the future
  • Hispanic Millennials are more debt averse than older Hispanics
  • Home ownership is an important part of their American dream

In addition to the research on Hispanic Millennials, Sensis and ThinkNow expanded Wave 3 to include research on African-American and Asian Millennials. That research is available upon request.

Please visit to download a free copy of the first three chapters of this report, as well as future waves of the study to be released throughout 2015.

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