Scott Brands L.A. eventNEENAH, WI – The Scott brand of bath tissue, paper towels and moist wipes kicked off it’s “Pasar el buen rollo de costa a costa” Hispanic PR campaign last week in Los Angeles in an event that featured a giant toilet roll.

In its on-going effort to create culturally relevant shopping experiences for Latino consumers while driving brand awareness among this key demographic, Scott  is calling on the Hispanic community to join its campaign to ‘Pasar El Buen Rollo de Costa a Costa’ (Pass the good vibe from coast to coast).   In Spanish, a “buen rollo” can mean two different things – a good vibe and a good roll, with both meanings being used by the Scott brand.

“El buen rollo is the ‘good vibe’ that results, among other things, from living sensibly, which is what the Scott brand is about,” said renowned Hispanic radio psychologist Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols, spokesperson for various Kimberly-Clark brands, including Scott.

According to Marla Rappaport, Associate Brand Manager of the Scott brand, the campaign will pass the good vibes from coast to coast using various touch points and Hispanic passion points, including partnerships with retailers and Univision radio stations in various markets throughout the country. The radio stations will be asking listeners in their respective communities to share ways of living or acting sensibly by activating traditional Hispanic dichos, or proverbs. In exchange, they will be entered in a sweepstakes to win valuable prizes.  ‘Dichos’ are important to the Scott brand, which for the past two years has been compiling a dictionary of Spanish-language proverbs as a way of helping preserve this treasured cultural legacy handed down from generations by word of mouth.

“This campaign aims to increase Hispanic store traffic and grow basket rings via cross category conversion and extend time in store,” Rappaport said. “Besides incenting sales with offers and premiums throughout the length of the campaign, we hope to also grow retailer loyalty by leveraging the Scott brand’s Pasa el Buen Rollo program to engage consumers in the retail experience.”

The Scott brand will also be doing their part to generate good vibes in the community by donating $20,000 to various non-profit centers around the country working to reverse the alarming drop-out rate among Latino students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, that rate is double that of African Americans and three times that of Caucasians.

“A good education is critical to improving one’s quality of life and we felt it imperative to chip in to help those who are helping Latino kids finish high school,” said Scott Senior Brand Manager Aric Melzl. “Helping others is at the core of living sensibly, and we believe improving high school graduation rates is a great place to start.”

To kick off the Pasa el Buen Rollo de Costa a Costa campaign, the Scott brand held a “Buen Rollo” block party last week in LA’s Boyle Heights area.  There it unveiled two giant piñatas in the form of rolls of Scott brand paper towel and bathroom tissue, designed by a local artist.  The unveilings were accompanied by an on-air chain of “good vibes” programming launched on Spanish-language radio stations from coast to coast. From Los Angeles, the piñatas – which are 16 feet by 12 feet and 12 feet by 12 feet – will travel by truck over the next month to similar events in Houston, Chicago and New York City.

Consumers can help pass El Buen Rollo de Scott from coast to coast and possibly win valuable prizes, by attending this kick-off event, tuning in to their local Univision radio stations, visiting participating stores or logging on to .

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