Soccer is huge with Latino audiences—a fact certainly not lost on owners selling team sponsorships or programmers charging for valuable commercial time.

And even if your organization can afford to have your name affiliated with the next World Cup contenders, you still have the challenge of trying to stand out while your competitors are seen making the same attempt, right alongside you.

When high prices and the “me too” aspect of traditional sponsorships keep you from aligning with a popular sport or team, where do you turn as a marketer?

There are many brands associating with soccer, baseball and other sports that are popular with a Latino audience, and in ways that are both creative and lucrative. One solid example is the beer brand, Tecate, which has successfully adopted boxing as their platform for targeting Hispanic men.

In 2010, the “Tecate Boxing Tour” was seen at large venues in multiple cities including Guadalajara and Tijuana, offering a host of boxing-related activities. (For the U.S. equivalent, see “NFL Experience.”) As a result, Tecate has now become synonymous with the sport.

Successful marketing endeavors like this are open to your company as well. If you’re looking to align with the right sport or athlete for endearing a Latino audience to your brand, we can help locate opportunities that make sense.

And it doesn’t have to cost you a lot, or take on the form of a traditional sponsorship. Networked Insights can even help you find an alternative approach for reaching your core audience, providing a high value without the high price.

Marina Lidow is a Research Analyst at Networked Insights, where she uses the company’s social media listening platform to analyze the social web to help agencies and brand marketers make better strategic and tactical decisions. Prior to joining Networked Insights, Marina worked as a management consultant, consulting to companies in retail, aviation, telecommunications, media and other industries. Currently based in Chicago, Marina has also enjoyed living and working in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, and Buenos Aires. In addition to her consulting work, Marina co-founded a customized cereal company while living in Buenos Aires to cater to the demand for healthy breakfast foods. Her studies as well as her time abroad fueled her interest in Latino culture and Hispanic marketing. Marina holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, with concentrations in Finance and Management, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She also minored in Hispanic Studies and is fluent in Spanish and Russian.

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