Free Listing Available in English and Spanish at

Escuchame has answered the call for Hispanic and Latino students around the country with their compiled listing of over 350 scholarships. The list includes each scholarship’s name, award amount, description, requirements, application deadline, and contact information. The list is available in both English and Spanish, for free, in the resources section of the site. (Access to the scholarship page requires registration to the Community, which is also free.)

Escuchame Co-founder and Chief Executive Producer Deborah Aguiar-Velez chose to gather the information after speaking to many Latino students and their parents. “Everyone kept asking the same questions,” she said. “‘How can I afford to go to college? How can I compete for scholarships when I don’t even know what scholarships are out there?’ We knew we had to step up and fill this need.”

Adds Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Raquel Velez: “People are spending hours online, looking for scholarships, when really they should be focusing on studying and applying to schools. Having a centralized list that’s freely available makes the whole process of finding money for college easier on everyone.”

Escuchame’s Scholarship Listing is updated regularly, as new scholarships are found and old ones are removed. “We want to have the most up-to-date list possible,” notes Aguiar-Velez. To add a scholarship to the list, please contact the Escuchame Team at

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