“Americanizado” Hispanics in Miami are 73% more likely than other Latino Wireless Users in the city to access email on their cell phones

Scarborough Research and Geoscape announced a new partnership that enables marketers to improve their efforts toward Hispanic consumers by bringing in-depth information on the buying power, brand loyalty, media preferences and acculturation to the marketing and media industries. It is the first time that Geoscape’s sophisticated Hispanicity™ segmentation system will be added to Scarborough’s widely-recognized consumer studies and Hispanic databases, adding a treasure trove of information such as Hispanic product consumption by acculturation level, and local brand shopping preferences by cultural preference. This intelligence drives communications planning, brand strategy and marketing strategy for any business or product wishing to tap into the ever-growing Hispanic consumer base.

For example, a wireless company seeking to up-sell Hispanics in Miami to data plans could determine marketing strategy with the new service. According to Scarborough and Geoscape, Hispanic wireless users in Miami who are classified as “Americanizado” – meaning they are born in the U.S. and retain little cultural practices – are 73 percent more likely than all Hispanic wireless users in the market to access email on their cell phone.  Those who are “Hispano” – meaning they immigrated as an adult and have been in the country for over ten years – are 38 percent less likely to use this feature. Armed with this information, the wireless company can identify its up-sell market with vital information on language and acculturation that will help craft campaign messaging. It can be further analyzed against wireless carrier brands, wireless spending and more.


Geoscape’s Hispanicity™ segments Hispanics according to different cultural practices, language preference, time in the country, and other indices. For example, the “Americanizado” segmentation includes English-dominant adults who are born in the U.S. and retain few of their ancestors’ cultural practices. The “Hispano” segment comprises Spanish-preferred adults who have been in the country over 10 years, having immigrated as adults. They are primarily Hispanic in their cultural practices and speak some English.

Scarborough’s local market studies include in-depth information on shopping patterns, media usage, technology adoption, lifestyles and demographics of Hispanic adults throughout 77 U.S. cities. The information can be analyzed countless ways, examining everything from Hispanics who text message to those who shopped at Wal-Mart during the past month.

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