RACINE, Wis.— Today, SC Johnson launched a Spanish-language website, recognizing the importance of providing full ingredient information to Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S., becoming the first company to do so.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), language barriers are one of the leading factors that contribute to poor health outcomes among U.S. Hispanics. SC Johnson is bridging the language barrier gap and is going beyond its industry’s right-to-know initiative by providing all ingredient information and explanations of each ingredient’s purpose in Spanish.

“Families want to know what’s in the products they use in their
homes,” said Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson. “By making that
information accessible to Spanish-speaking consumers, too, we’re
helping even more families understand that they can trust our products and our company.”

The company now provides Spanish content on its rightathome.com website

As part of its program, SC Johnson has created a Spanish-language
version of www.WhatsInsideSCJohnson.com, its ingredient website. The site offers easy-to-access and easy-to-understand information about the ingredients in SC Johnson products. This information is also available via the company’s toll-free number (1-800-558-5252) for Spanish-language phone support. The company also now provides Spanish content on its rightathome.com website, and is working with notable Hispanic influencers and experts as guest bloggers to continue the Spanish-language dialogue online.

These efforts continue the leadership begun last year when SC Johnson moved beyond voluntary industry ingredient communication efforts and implemented an innovative program. This program makes ingredient information available for SC Johnson home cleaning and air care products such as Windex®, Shout® and Glade® via a dedicated website
www.WhatsInsideSCJohnson.com, the company’s toll-free number and on product labels by January 2012. In November 2009, SC Johnson completed
the task of populating the industry-leading ingredient communications website with more than 200 products and their ingredients. To date, www.WhatsInsideSCJohnson.com includes 129 SC Johnson air care products and 76 home cleaning products, as well as explanations of the 169 ingredients that comprise these products.

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