360i launched a brand new campaign for Oscar Mayer last week. It’s a unique Hispanic initiative called Sandwichemos, inspired by the message that food can bring people together. The insight that drove this program was that Hispanics are a uniquely communal culture and use food and meals to bond with their friends and family. You can experience the application at https://www.facebook.com/comidakraft?sk=app_226315010755350.

The Sandwichemos Facebook application lives within the Comida Kraft Facebook page – which is Kraft Foods’ leading digital community for Hispanics. The game promotes the message ‘food is love’ by letting the Comida Kraft fans build a sandwich using themselves and their friends as ingredients. Each ingredient has its own personality— and it’s their job to match up Facebook friends with the ingredient. Each time they make a sandwich, they share the finished sandwich on their friends and family’s wall. To promote the application through digital media, Oscar Mayer chose to exclusively partner with Telemundo to increase awareness and build excitement.

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