SanaSana.com sells (www.sanasana.com) offers a wide variety of household, personal care, and baby and child items. The company’s mission is “to make a positive impact on the lives of orphaned children in Latin America by transforming an online shopping experience into a life changing contribution.”

SanaSana.com, an online retailer of consumer products, has experienced dramatic growth during the last 8 months. The steady demand from their primary customer base of U.S. Latino shoppers has the popular retailer currently carrying over 20,000 items and more than 1,500 brands. This doubles the amount of products carried by the site since the first quarter of the year.

The site’s strong appeal to U.S. Hispanics is attributed in part to the extensive bilingual content and popularity of two informative blogs, Latino Health Magazine and A la Sana. The blogs carry a collection of more than 2,500 articles, covering topics such as health, nutrition and beauty. They include useful tips and recipes coveted by the company’s Latino customer base. The online retailer also identifies with U.S. Hispanics with its philanthropic mission of helping orphaned children in Latin American countries.

“It is very gratifying to see online shoppers continue to support our site and cause. We attribute the growth and success of SanaSana.com to the spirit of giving shared with our Hispanic customers,” explains Naor Fischbein, founder and CEO of SanaSana.com. “Latinos have really connected with our mission and strongly identify with our content and products. They “get” that what they buy on our site will help improve the lives of many children.”

Another key factor that has helped SanaSana.com attract Latino shoppers is the company’s willingness to invest and improve the site’s functionality. The implementation of intuitive and user friendly design has rated very high among users. The launch of the mobile version of the site has also been very well received by shoppers. This is instrumental in continuing to attract the 77% of U.S. Hispanics that use smart phones, according to Nielsen. The site also carries a wide variety of Organic and Gluten Free products to meet the increased demand for these healthy products.

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