Opportunities to reach U.S. Hispanic consumers online have largely only been tapped by a few forward thinking companies. A fast growing group of ‘super consumers’ according to a Nielsen report, with an estimated $1.5 trillion in buying power in 2015, a 50% increase from 2010. New research into the online behavior and preferences of this audience provides clues on how to connect with them, but some entrepreneurs are ahead of the curve.

SanaSana.com, an ecommerce marketplace selling consumer packaged goods, and Idea180.com, an internet marketing firm, formed a joint venture to create an online shopping experience that Hispanic consumers can embrace: one that is focused on culture and a sense of connection.

Naor Fischbein, Former CEO of SanaSana said: “We have worked with Idea180 in the past and feel they really understand what we are looking to accomplish. Sharing a vision is everything in this sort of enterprises.”

A full service Web Marketing and Development Agency, Idea180 has served the multicultural communities of South Florida for over 10 years. They are at the forefront of marketers who understand U.S. Hispanic consumers, and know what they want out of an online relationship with a company.

Gean Biffulco, founder of Idea180: “We want to prove a model where consumers choose to buy from socially responsible brands (when everything else is the same). We believe this will prove to be true especially with our Hispanic Millennial’s segment.”

In December of 2014 Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT to explore U.S. Hispanics’ behavior regarding online sources, ads, and search. What they discovered was enlightening, key findings include:


  • U.S. Hispanics use online sources at a higher rate than the general population (54% vs. 46%) and favor online sources over family, radio, and even 20% higher than TV.
  • 66% of U.S. Hispanics say they pay attention to online ads—almost 20% more than the general population.
  • 83% of U.S. Hispanic consumers who access the internet on a mobile device use it to inform a purchase in real time.’
  • When an ad includes aspects of Hispanic culture, 88% pay attention, and 41% feel more favorable about a brand that aims to be culturally relevant.

They also concluded that the idea Spanish language should always be used to engage U.S. Hispanics is an outdated notion. When it comes to language online, this audience is truly bilingual.

SanaSana.com is an online store that offers over 40,000 products from 3,000+ brands in health supplements, beauty products, Latin food, household goods, and more. Created by a member of the robust South Florida Hispanic community, SanaSana.com was created in 2013 specifically to serve the online Hispanic and Latino market. The site instinctually aligned with the core values and desires of their target market. If Amazon is the Walmart of ecommerce, SanaSana is more like a high-end bodega or farmacia.

Their aim is to connect to consumers who want to give meaning to their shopping, with brands who want to demonstrate social responsibility. Through their innovative crowd cause shopping platform, they work with brands to donate needed products and supplies to orphanages in Latin America.

Seeing the strong response of the online Hispanic community to both their storefront and their cultural orientation, SanaSana formed the joint venture with Idea180, another progressive and civic minded South Florida business, in order to take their business and community goals to the next level. The union of these two firms promises to be something to watch as a demonstration of how to reach, engage, and satisfy U.S. Hispanic consumers online.


To find out more, visit: www.sanasana.com
For more information on Idea180, please visit: www.idea180.com

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