The San Jose Group (SJG) has developed a second concept for client American Family Insurance that transcends traditional segmentation to effectively resonate with both markets. Part of the overall Unique Families campaign, the new television executions, “Three Kids”, embrace today’s new markets with global insights that cut across ethnic diversity.

The “Three Kids” television spots focus on the busy life of the total market mom, featuring different scenes driving her kids around town to take them to and from different activities. The universal sentiment in the spots is that every mom’s life is hectic and a little chaotic, and each family has different needs. American Family Insurance understands that every family, no matter what market they represent, is unique and offers custom insurance policies that fit their needs while making the process easy.

Since launch of “Three Kids” and the entire Unique Families campaign, consideration has increased from 29% to 36% for the brand in the general market. Of the campaign’s four executions tested, “Three Kids” is one of the most memorable and stronger than all previously tested spots for the company.

“Three Kids” marks the second time SJG has gone through the process of uncovering global truths for American Family Insurance’s advertising efforts. In 2010, after the creative concept for the Spanish spot, “Batazo,” tested well in both Hispanic and general market focus groups, SJG developed an English-language spot, “Baseball”, for the general market.

“Seeing how the reality that today’s general market is multicultural, we’re excited to be on the forefront of the emerging trend to develop creative that is transferable among all cultural and ethnic audiences”, stated George L. San Jose, president and COO for SJG. “Like ‘Batazo/Baseball’, the ‘Three Kids’ concept focuses on a global truth that allows us to provide creative and production efficiencies for our client.”

Along with Spanish and English television spots, the campaign also includes radio, print and online banner ads for the Hispanic market to complement the overall unique family branding message.

To view both “Three Kids” spots, please click on the link:

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