SAN DIEGO, CA -El Latino Newspaper publisher/CEO Fanny Miller was selected as one of the “estrellas” of the UC San Diego Hispanic Scholarship Council’s 13th Annual “Fiesta de las Estrellas” this week for her “Excellence in Media” community work.  Miller, whose newspaper is the No. 1 Hispanic newspaper in San Diego and the largest Hispanic owned Spanish-language newspaper in California, was one of four outstanding business leaders recognized. 

The other winners were Carlos Alcazar, for Alumni Excellence; Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres, for Excellence in Community Service; Alex Montoya, Excellence in Leadership; and Richard Nares, Excellence in Business Leadership.

The annual event raises money for undergraduate scholarships and also recognizing the achievements of several community Estrellas– outstanding leaders who are truly making a difference. “Fiesta de las Estrellas” has raised $1 million toward scholarship funds providing support to sixty-five stellar young men and women.

Miller was humbled and honored as she shared her inspiring personal story with students in order to encourage them to believe in themselves. “I started El Latino newspaper 22 years ago at the age of 21 from virtually nothing. I had very little money, no experience and was very young. What many would think were difficulties in my journey, I saw as opportunities. Challenges are what I like in life.” This experience, as Ms. Miller explains, is surreal because what was once an opportunity she took at such a young age has now gained her personal recognition as a role model – a feat she never dreamed of.

Ms. Miller founded El Latino in 1988 to serve the news and information needs of the San Diego Hispanic Community, 11th largest Hispanic Market in the nation. El Latino has more than 186,000 weekly readers.

“I am sure that many times I was discriminated against but I really was too busy to pay any attention. I have always believed from a young age that the only one that has any control over my success or failures is me. As long as I keep learning, following my instincts, do my best and keep my word – everything will follow.”

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