Hispanic PR Leader: Rosanna Fiske CEO and Chair-Elect of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
This week’s Hispanic PR Leader Profile is with Rosanna Fiske, CEO and Chair-Elect of the Public Relations Society of America.  Fiske is the first Latina to hold PRSA’s top position.  A passionate advocate for diversity in communications, she will be the keynote speaker of the upcoming Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference’s opening reception on May 10 in Dallas.  Her speech is titled The Context of Diversity in PR: A Latina’s Journey.” 

Hispanic PR Blog: Tell us about yourself, your background and education.
Rosanna Fiske: I’d wanted to be a journalist since I was nine years old.  I was lucky enough to find a job in print journalism immediately after college, and because it was an “on-staff freelancer” position, I got to cover a lot of different areas, especially because of my capability in anything to do with numbers.  It was through freelancing that I was introduced to my next employer, where I worked in marketing and advertising.  In corporate marketing, I saw that I had a specific ability in corporate communications.  In essence, I am a former reporter, turned advertising and marketing executive, who saw “the light” in public relations. Read More »