Reyes Entertainment a prominent and pioneering Hispanic/Latino driven public relations and marketing groups in the Hollywood, Calif. The company based in LA was founded by Hispanic/Latino public relations Guru, Gabriel Reyes.

Reyes started out as an actor but found his true calling in PR and marketing after a disastrous meeting with a casting agent back in the ’80s. He said, “I remember having an epiphany one day: These casting directors sit in a room all day with a camera and see 200 to 300 guys for a 30-second commercial. I walked in and I realized that, as I was doing my audition, the casting director wasn’t even looking at me.

She was having her lunch. I think that the issue is that American mainstream media doesn’t have any idea of who Hispanics really are. Hispanics ourselves have an image problem. So I thought that the way to do this is for me to get some kind of career in communications, so that I’m able to work on behalf of Hispanics.”

Read the entire article at Herald de Paris.

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