REVOLUCION PR Case Study: “Hearts in the Heights” for the American Heart Association

“Hearts in the Heights”
American Heart Association (Founders Affiliate) with REVOLUCION
2009 HPRA Campaign of the Year/Non Profit

“She was found and pronounced at the scene. She was already lying in bed.
The paramedics said that her heart gave out. I mean, that’s basically
what they said…
¡Alabanza! Alabanza a Doña Claudia, Señor.”

These lines from the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “In the
Heights” reflect an all-too-real scene for many U.S.-Hispanic
families. In this bilingual production, a community’s maternal figure
suffers from and eventually dies from heart disease. But it’s not just
a work of fiction—cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of Hispanic
women in the U.S. One major barrier to reversing this trend is the
lack of knowledge about it—less than 50% of Hispanic women are aware
of these statistics and the life-saving choices they could be making.
For American Heart Month 2009, the American Heart Association’s
Founders Affiliate set out to educate Hispanic women in New York City
about their risks and the life-saving preventive measures to combat
heart disease.

With the goal of designing a compelling media event
that would also directly reach Hispanic women, REVOLUCION created
Hearts in the Heights, an awareness program with the Tony Award- and Grammy Award-winning Broadway musical “In the Heights.”

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