Republica’s Plasencia Named Outstanding CEO of the Year by Miami Chamber of Commerce

MIAMI – Jorge A. Plasencia, chairman and chief executive officer of the Miami-based Hispanic advertising and PR firm Republica, was named “Outstanding CEO of the Year” by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) at its Top 100 Minority Business Awards Luncheon last week. The annual awards program celebrates South Florida’s diversity and spirit of entrepreneurship.

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The “Outstanding CEO of the Year” award recognizes an individual who has excelled in their field, devoting time and energy to strengthen and transform the organization that they lead. This includes specific situations or initiatives where the recipient’s insight, discernment and ability to lead and inspire have guided their organization to a new level of growth, achievement and recognition.

“The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is pleased to celebrate our community’s minority businesses and the critical role they play in our economy,” said Maria C. Alonso, Chairman of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and Senior Vice President and Corporate Social Responsibility Market Manager for Bank of America. “Entrepreneurs such as Jorge are part of our community’s DNA and success. Beyond his business acumen, Jorge realizes he can do well by doing good and I believe has a deep sense of responsibility to give back.”

The award was one of six categories in which the GMCC honors individual and corporate accomplishments among a finalist pool of the top 100 minority-owned businesses, a list on which Republica was featured for the second time in the few years it has been since it was founded. A distinguished panel of judges comprised of business, civic and academic leaders selected the recipients. Winners in other categories included Perry Ellis International, the University of Miami and Sushi Maki restaurants.  Read More »