Social Media is Now a Brand Building Requirement, But Not on its own
Marketers accept that social media is now a fundamental part of brand building, but putting that theory into action is still a challenge as many struggle with how to use social engagement effectively. Social efforts do not represent a standalone solution and need the scale and consistency of paid and owned media.

Brand Building strategy and social strategy are inextricably intertwined

The fundamentals of brand building have not changed. Marketers must still forge an identity for the brand and communicate it across all consumer touchpoints to create a consistent brand experience. But in the 21st century, brands need to have a social story to leverage the emotional and persuasive elements that make offerings successful.

There are Three strategic Roles social should play To help Build your Brand
Marketers must use social to serve their brand building objectives. It can help the brand:

1) build a relationship to become more trusted;

2) differentiate through an emotional connection to become more remarkable and unmistakable; and

3) Nurture loyal fans to become more essential.

Brand Building Strategy Must Dictate Social Strategy

Too often, marketers say that they are working on their social strategy, but it is disconnected from their overall branding efforts, apart from logos and collateral. Forrester believes that to be successful, 21st century brands must point their brand compass in the direction that helps them build a brand that is trusted, remarkable, unmistakable, and essential.

    • Trusted. Long-lasting brand relationships require brands to be transparent regarding the values and principles they share with consumers.
    • Remarkable. A remarkable brand differentiates itself by disrupting the existing market with new and unique value.
    • Unmistakable. Brands must build their distinctiveness by setting themselves apart from their category, defining unique characteristics that are not comparable with others.

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