In just a few minutes (@1pm EST), we’ll be announcing the two new co-managing partners for Hispanicize – one of the most respected Latina mom bloggers in the nation and another name that many of you in the Latino social media space know very well.

The purpose of this webcast is to introduce our team to you and to also discuss why we believe this team and our approach is uniquely suited to helping us create something amazingly special for the Latino social media industry of marketers, agencies and bloggers.

The bilingual web cast will last 20 minutes with the first 10 minutes in English and the final 10 minutes in Spanish. If you’re a Hispanic blogger, brand or marketing professional you won’t want to miss these 10 minutes! This will be a good preamble to what we have in store for our industry. Join us in welcoming the talented, hard working team that we can all be proud of!

To register for the free webcast go to

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