In case you’re wondering, those teeth aren’t real.  I posted this photo of my cousin Pablo as a “blogicity stunt” to draw your attention to the “10 Crazy Parrots Contest” launched today by the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), the Hispanic PR Blog and RL Public Relations.  Two lucky participants will be awarded a brand new Apple ipad.

So what is the 10 Crazy Parrots Contest and how do you qualify to win an Apple ipad?

The 10 Crazy Parrots Contest is being held to promote participation by the Hispanic PR industry in taking the two minute Hispanic PR Census survey online.  The Hispanic PR Census is an initiative that attempts to count every single marketing professional – Hispanic and non-Hispanic alike – that spends at least 30 percent or more of their time in Hispanic PR and/or social marketing.

To enter the contest all you have to do is use your inner “parrot” to email 10 colleagues you know in the Hispanic PR and/or social marketing field a short email message (pasted below) urging them to participate in the survey.  If you’ve ever participated in those bizarre email strings that threaten to curse if you don’t forward them to 10 people you know, that’s the concept here except we won’t curse you.  We want to reward you for forwarding the email string to 10 industry friends you know.     

After you email the contest message to 10 of your colleagues, all you have to do to officially enter the drawing is email your contact information to along with the name and company name of the colleagues you sent the note to.  Be sure to keep the email you sent your colleagues handy because if you are one of the lucky winners you will have to show proof that you emailed them.   Each of the two drawings will be held live over the Internet.  The first one will be on March 31 and the second one on April 30. 

Below is the email text you must send to your colleagues:

“Dear So & So,

I don’t know if you already know about this but the Hispanic Public Relations Association and the Hispanic PR Blog are conducting a national Hispanic PR Census that attempts to count every marketing professional – Latino and non-Latino alike – who spends 30 percent or more of their time in Hispanic PR and/or social marketing.  I think you should fill it out because the survey will help our industry compile information that will lead to more opportunities for all of us.  It only takes two minutes to complete and the results of the census will be unveiled nationally at the Hispanic PR & Social Marketing Conference in Dallas, May 10-12.  

After you take the Hispanic PR Census, please pass this email along to 10 other industry colleagues.   There’s no curse for not forwarding the note but if you let 10 other colleagues know about it you will qualify to win one of two Apple ipads that the Hispanic PR Blog is raffling.  Contest rules are posted at and winners will be announced on March 31 and April 30.”

Don’t forget to have fun and may the Force of the Crazy Parrot be with you!  

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