Precision Is The Key To Reaching Hispanics Today

As the U.S. Hispanic market steadily grows, it is inevitably starting to look like a microcosm of the entire U.S. population — in terms of both demographic diversity and distribution. More importantly, the notion of Hispanics as a monolithic group of lower socio-economic, Spanish-speaking, recent immigrants concentrated in the southwestern and northeastern U.S. is crumbling.

Yet as the Hispanic market continues to grow and diversify, and the U.S-born and acculturated proportion of its population expands into a majority of the overall market, it continues to show a strong tendency to stay connected with the culture of the parents’ or grandparents’ home country. It continues to be very hard to argue against looking at the entire U.S. Hispanic market — both U.S. and foreign born, acculturated and non-acculturated — as a distinct market segment, important for marketers to understand and uniquely cater to. Read More »