Mexican author, Octavio Paz once wrote I am not at the crossroad: To choose is to go wrong.” That is exactly the mindset of bicultural Latinos. We have no need to choose. We are from here and from there. We listen to Lifehouse and to Chino y Nacho. We are fans of football and of fútbol. Bicultural Latinos are a testament to a new Latino culture, shifting from one side to the other, from English to Spanish.

In public relations, reaching a target consumer is only effective if there are media channels available to connect with the consumer. Although social media has change this by enabling brands to build communities with a define target audience, it is still important to relied on traditional media outlets to engage consumers. Media outlets are evolving; no longer is a TV channel just a TV channel or a print publication just print publication. This new evolution of media should give us an opportunity to better engage with bicultural Hispanic. But are media outlets taking advantage of this opportunity?

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