North Central, IL – It seems lately that no matter if it’s a crime or something pleasant that happens to a local family, the issue of whether they are Hispanic is brought to the forefront.

Recent stories published in the NewsTribune about topics ranging from a Secret Santa giving a young, struggling Hispanic family a Christmas card with $100 inside to the possibility of 10 Hispanic people being deported after being charged for participating in a cockfighting ring near Mendota has caused the blogs at to come alive with debate about citizenship, sometimes with bloggers adding racist and violent sentiment to the discussion.

Take for example, the story about the Hernandez family of La Salle who received a monetary gift from a Secret Santa who showed up on their doorstep. The family was ecstatic and wanted very much to thank the man who gave them the money, and most importantly, opportunity to give their children something they really wanted for Christmas.  To read the full story click here.

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