WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Quepasa Corporation  will use its distributed social media product, Quepasa DSM, to run a “Summer Look” contest campaign for Brazilian magazine publisher Editora Globo’s Marie Claire magazine in early 2010.   Editora Globo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brazil’s largest media group Organizacoes Globo.

Visitors to the Marie Claire website will be invited to upload a picture of themselves that embodies originality, fashion and quality.  The campaign will last four weeks with a semifinalist chosen every Friday and a winner chosen at the end of the period.  First prize is a one-year subscription to Marie Claire; those in second and third place will receive exclusive discounts on Marie Claire subscriptions.

Editora Globo is the first Brazilian customer of the Quepasa DSM platform, which launched in October and is a viral ad product that allows advertisers and brands to target and distribute their marketing message across all social media sites.  These user-powered campaigns are extremely viral and create great word-of-mouth marketing for the brands by motivating users to share content with friends and colleagues across all social media.  As a result, brands are able to deliver a consistent message to a broad user base at the lowest equivalent cost per impression compared to other forms of advertising.

As part of this strategy, Quepasa intends to expand its sell efforts for both the Quepasa DSM product as well as the branded virtual goods that are now available as part of Quepasa’s virtual economy.  These two products should be of great interest to brands and ad agencies on a global level because they have proven to be the two forms of advertising that drive the deepest engagement on behalf of the brands.

“Over the last several months, we have spoken to many of the leading advertising agencies across the US and Latin America.  Consistently, all are interested in advertising on social media sites because over 55% of all internet traffic is spent on these sites, but they are looking for a solution that is both performance-based and distributable across all the popular social media sites,” says Quepasa CEO John Abbott.  “Our work for Editora Globo is the first of what we hope and expect to be many online campaigns in Brazil harnessing the advantages of Quepasa DSM.

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