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(By María Carolina Alonso )

Precisely this year the regional Festival of Media chose as its central theme the importance of digital media and intra-regional openings for brands, with regard to which Perez says that these have been of great importance, since “they have opened a new way to reach users that is more persistent and personal, because with mobile penetration in the region very high – as we know, there are many countries where mobile lines outnumber landlines – there is instant, continuous and widespread contact with consumers, who as soon as they get the message can in some way react to it” he said.

As to the confidence of brands in digital platforms and media and the investment they’re willing to make in them, Perez refers to his own experience at Telemundo. “As a producer of content, the use of digital media puts us in a nicely privileged position, because it allows us to distribute that content on all possible platforms.”

“In Telemundo, we’ve been pioneers in creating content, developing content, distributing it, and now we’re even doing innovations in reformatting content so that it’s perfect on each and every screen” he said.

In conclusion Perez noted that “the steps many TV networks are taking both in the U.S. and throughout the region are things we’ve already done, and now we’re taking the next step”.


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