Social networking and the diehard soccer fan: a Q & A with Futbol Sites

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In addition, the users can watch the match on television and discuss it online. Social networks bring together those users, inform them, and use their feedback and participation. They are vital to the construction of a social networking identity and to traffic flow.   SA: How many times a week does a fan interact (by reading, sharing, etc.) with a note or article related to soccer?   FG: The “hardcore” fan, who in Latin America is the club fan, visits our sites almost daily. And more than 50 percent of the users who visit daily, visit the sites four or five times per day. It is the same relationship a reader might have with the online daily newspaper or their preferred portal or blog, such as Hispanic PR Blog, where a reader might visit several times a day to keep up with posts and news that are of relevance to them. The difference is that since the fan is reading or interacting with what they are passionate about, they can make that content interactive, social and in many times, viral.   SA: How is the ranking of “Visitors by State” composed in the United States?   FG: Considering our entire audience in the United States, the top 5 ranking is made up of California (20%), Texas (13%), New York (12.5%), Florida (9%) and Illinois (5%). But the presence and distribution of Hispanics throughout the United States is so spread out that we also have another 40% of the entire audience distributed throughout the other states.  

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  SA: Can Futbol Sites create social marketing campaigns that mention or cite brands as part of web promotion?   FG: Yes, we do it often. There are many brands that by definition are associated with soccer, and that the user is open to and anxious to receive communication about due to the high emotional relevance that the brand’s products have. Within this group, we have brands such as Adidas and Nike. Next, we have the club and national selection sponsors that have permanent promotions and tactical communication actions, which are also well-received by the users, because they usually deal with benefits. Now, when a brand has nothing to do with soccer, or with the club or selection of the intended audience, we opt for mentioning, in the best style, “This content has been selected for you because…”, or to connect the brand to the emotions of the user. In 2014, we had over 200 brand campaigns that included participation or mention in social media.   Contact Federico Grinberg on Twitter: @federicogrb. Contact Futbol Sites on Twitter: @fsnlatam.

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