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Targeted Victory, an audience-driven technology company specializing in programmatic media buying, today announced a new partnership with Pulpo Media, a Hispanic digital platform. Through the agreement, data and audience segments from Pulpo Media will be added to Targeted Victory’s Audience Exchange marketplace, the most comprehensive in American politics. These new audience segments are available to self-service Targeted Engagement users and full-service Targeted Victory clients.

Boasting $1.3 trillion in purchasing power and growing 10 times faster than the general population, a modern targeted advertising campaign must account for Hispanic demographics, across acculturation levels and digital devices. By specializing in these audiences, and knowing what is closest and most valuable to them, Pulpo Media can provide more in-depth consumer knowledge, actionable insights, and overall value to clients, partners, and investors.

“Pulpo Media and the valuable Hispanic audience data they offer are indispensable to a resource like Audience Exchange,” said Targeted Victory co-founder Michael Beach. “Allowing our clients to access the combined audience data from Pulpo and Targeted Victory will allow for hyper targeting of Hispanic voters based on political preferences.”

“We are excited about our new partnership with Targeted Victory, stated Justin Kuykendall, CEO of Pulpo Media.”As the leader in online political marketing, extending Targeted Victory’s services to the online, or (i)Hispanic, market makes strategic sense, whose time has come. Our partnership will greatly enhance and deepen their programmatic media offering.”

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