Seems the Public Relations Society of America was not amused by a story that appeared in last week’s New York Post titled, “What This Country Needs is a Good PR Person.”

In a letter to the editor that ran in Sunday’s Post, Rosanna Fiske, the chair and CEO of PRSA, writes:

We are pleased that John Crudele sees the need for proactive public relations by our government, even though what he defines as being the job of PR professionals couldn’t be further from reality.

Yes, there should be a “better flow of information about what’s going on in Washington,” but he wrongly believes that America needs someone “whose job it is to make bad news sound not so bad.”

At a time when a general malaise has overtaken the public’s confidence in our economy and our politicians, what Americans need most is someone who will talk straight to them—someone who will give them a realistic view of the state of affairs in America.

Good, ethical PR professionals in government can certainly do just that while still advocating for our country.

SOURCE PR Daily News.

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