MIAMI, FL – In a move that underscores how Hispanic it’s chapter has become, the Miami chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) officially disbanded its popular Hispanic Market Section last week.  The vote to disband the section was approved overwhelmingly last Friday at PRSA’s annual Ev Clay Foundation Luncheon.  PRSA Miami logo

The decision was easy for PRSA’s leadership said PRSA Miami President Eloise Rodriguez of Bristol Public Relations, the chapter’s third Hispanic woman president.

Rodriguez explained the rationale: “The Hispanic Market Section has fulfilled its purpose of boosting Hispanic membership and shining a light on U.S. Hispanic communications.  As reported by the Nominating Committee, our chapter membership is inching close to majority Hispanic, if it’s not there already. As such, the chapter continues to be deeply involved in all things Hispanic and our programming will continue to reflect that. There’s no question that we will continue as a national leader in diversity. The existence of the Hispanic Market section added another layer of organizational complexity to our chapter as well as additional reporting/budgeting requirements, which can be handled as an internal component of some of our other committees.”

At the same meeting where the Hispanic Market Section was voted to disband, PRSA Miami elected voted Latina Annabel Beyra of Fusion Communications president elect in 2010.

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