Rosanna M. Fiske is chair and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America.

Editor’s Note: The following communication from PRSA Chair and CEO Rosanna M. Fiske, APR, was sent Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011, to PRSA’s Leadership Team, which includes Chapter presidents; Section and District leaders; Board of Directors Members; and other PRSA leaders.

Dear PRSA Leader,

As we continue to engage PRSA members regarding the proposed 2012 dues increase, a question we’re often asked is, “What new benefits will we receive in exchange for paying higher dues?”

Over the past 10 years, PRSA has steadily increased member value by adding new products, services and other member benefits — all without increasing the cost of PRSA membership. While we’ll continue to look for ways to enhance member value and hold costs steady in 2012, several new-member benefits may be possible with the incremental revenue the proposed dues increase will provide; most prominent among them are:

Webinars included free with PRSA membership. PRSA is making plans to offer its entire catalogue of professional development webinars to its members — for free — starting in 2012. This represents nearly $2,000 in annual savings for members who participate in one PRSA webinar per month. It’s also consistent with the findings of PRSA’s 2011 Membership Value Perception and Satisfaction Survey, which confirm the high value our members place on free webinars.

Read the entire letter at PRSAY.

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