Rosanna Fiske

PRSA members are many things. They are public relations professionals, first and foremost. Industry leaders, Silver Anvil Award winners, mentors, educators, senior professionals, new professionals and a whole host of other descriptors also apply.

In short, they represent the best of the diverse and growing public relations profession.

They are also incredibly satisfied with the value of their PRSA membership.

All of this and more was detailed in PRSA’s latest Membership Value Perception and Satisfaction Study. As a data-driven organization, we strive to measure the impact and value of PRSA’s services. Conducted every three years, our 2011 Membership Satisfaction Study revealed numerous positive indicators concerning PRSA’s growth, its value to the profession and our members’ role and value to their clients and employers. The study surveyed current PRSA members, lapsed members and non-members.

Read the entire story at PRSAY.

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