In the Hispanic market, virtual communities that are created around certain characters on social networks are moving in an interesting way and advertisers definitely want to be there. But, are they managing to do that? For Cristy Clavijo-Kish, co-CEO and founding partner of DiMe Media, one of the companies in the Hispanicize group, brands must evaluate their goals well, define the influencer whose message adapts to what they want to communicate, and then make sure that he is also interested. “We suggest some influencers to brands, but both parts must identify with the messages. It is proven that contents are best when the influencer feels comfortable. It has to be like a marriage in which they adapt to one another”, she states. Clavijo-Kish gives the example of StyledbyAle, which has accumulated nearly 300,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, as one of the most influential in the US Hispanic market. “With Ale we did something very interesting, because it usually talks about beauty and family, but it mentioned the topic of road safety for Allstate Insurance Foundation in the aim to help lower the mortality rate among teenagers. It turned out to be a key and spontaneous message”. For the specialist who has made sponsored posts for Ford on her blog, there are two essential elements: brand´s links with communities and the ease with which they approach topics. “The size of the community is important, but it isn´t everything. Influencers must have their own voice, that is valuable”. By Albornoz) of PRODU

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