It’s Not Only Who You Know – It’s Who Knows You

Making a Name For Yourself in PR

From the blog by Pauline France

In a field with thousands of practitioners around the world –and many more on the way – it’s never been more important for the up-and-coming PR pro to stand out. Simply said, you want to make an impression and you want to be remembered.

Although I’m still a senior in college, I’ve managed to establish a solid reputation amongst peers, both in school, online, and also in the professional realm – or, as many would call it, “the real world.”

I’ve come a long way from where I was 5 years ago (still have a long way to go), but there’s no way I would have achieved half the things I have without the priceless advice I received from life-changing mentors.

I am about to share with you what has brought me much success. Please note that these are not in order of importance. Read More »