PR pros will have a new show to pitch for stories on Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. starting Monday.  SBS’s television TV division Mega TV announced it will debut a prime time news magazine program titled “Mega News” (MN). Mega News will be hosted by Fernando del Rincon, and will  will air Monday through Friday at 5:00 P.M. (ET), 6:00 P.M. (PT and Puerto Rico), and 4:00 P.M. (CT).

“Mega News” will deliver news to the Hispanic community in the United States through a unique format that gives the audience an opportunity to interact with Mr. Del Rincon through all forms of social media. This strategy proved to be successful with the launch of “Mega News Nocturno” and is now offered during all news shows on Mega TV.

MN will feature a variety of news topics, including politics, social issues, economic, legal and entertainment. But most importantly, MN will be an interactive news show that will include the audience in every way possible. Hispanic communities coast to coast now have a voice and can suggest ideas for the show’s content that will specifically address the needs of their communities.

Del Rincon’s special segments on MN will be extremely relevant to the community and help portray important matters such as the search for lost relatives, religious biases, racial hate crimes, mistreatment, sexual abuse, and fraud. Additionally, reputable members of the community, analysts and experts will give advice and interact with the audience.

To interact with Mr. Del Rincon on MN and MNN, community members can join the following social media networks: Facebook (Group: Del Rincon MN), Skype (mega_news), and Twitter (@fdelrincon).

“Mega News Nocturno” (MNN), Mega TV’s evening news program also hosted by Fernando del Rincon, will continue to air Monday through Friday at 10:30 P.M. (ET), 7:30 P.M. ( PT), 11:30 P.M. (Puerto Rico) and 9:30 P.M. (CT).

Don’t miss the debut of “Mega News” with Fernando del Rincon, this Monday, June 21 and continue to watch “Mega News Nocturno” only on Mega TV, airing on Channel 22 in Miami, FL, Channel 57 in West Palm Beach, FL, Channel 38.2 in Orlando, FL, Channel 36.2 in Tampa, FL, Channel 40.2 in Charleston, SC, Channel 19.2 in Palm Springs CA, Channel 13 in Chicago, IL, Channel 26 in Dallas, TX, Channel 33.2 in Fresno, CA, Channel 48.2 in New York and Channel 405 on DirecTV Mas in main cities of the U.S.

In Puerto Rico, the broadcast frequency for the over-the-air signal via a converter box will be on Channel 14.1. Cable and satellite users can watch Mega TV® on Choice Channel 16, Liberty Channel 45, OneLink Channel 60, DIRECTV Channel 169 and Dish Network Channel 60.

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