Although Latinos haven’t necessarily been at the forefront of the human potential movement, maybe it’s time for that to change.

I know for myself, personal empowerment and development was necessary for my sanity.  As a former teenage single mother and domestic violence survivor, I knew I had a lot of healing to do.  And interestingly, all this internal work became useful for my career.

But what is most important is what you do with this information – how do you use it to catapult your career (as well as internal balance)?

Aurelia Flores is Senior Counsel at a Fortune 500 company and former Fulbright Fellow who graduated from Stanford Law School. Her website,, offers stories of success, along with resources and programs focused on Latino empowerment.

Read the rest of her story at Fox News.

3 thoughts on “Why Personal Empowerment and Your Career Go Hand in Hand”
  1. Understanding how we are an amalgamation of our experiences and then how that affects our career goals is indeed the challenge. Our culture is one factor to bear in mind.

    As Latinos, we can and should assume leadership roles to empower others who have shared experiences – that is if we can effectively communicate what we have learned.

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