Cheezburger, a leading online humor network known for popular websites such as I Can Has Cheezburger?, Know Your Meme, FAIL Blog and Memebase, today announced the launch of its newest venture, Eres Todo un Loquillo.  The new site, iOS and Android apps will feature funny content in Spanish and will cater to Hispanic audiences both in the U.S. and abroad. During its pre-release period, Eres Todo un Loquillo has already racked up 1 million visits.

Cheezburger has established itself as a global brand. In fact, 50 percent of its 20 million monthly users are from outside the US. Starting with a Spanish only language site was the clear next step for Cheezburger.

“We’re committed to entertaining the world regardless of borders or language. Eres Todo un Loquillo is just the first step,” says CEO and Founder, Ben Huh. “Humor is specific to cultures and language plays a huge part. Giving users their own home in their native tongue is important in helping them express their sense of humor.”

Eres Todo un Loquillo’s content channels include: Curiosidades, Memes, Deportes, Animales, GIFs, Medios, Relaciones and Videos. The channels were chosen based on popular categories on Cheezburger, as well as thorough data analysis of the types of content preferred by Spanish-speaking audiences.

The company tapped Juan Pablo Chiquiza to serve as content Producer for the new site and apps. Chiquiza, a Colombian native, brings a decade of impressive experience to Eres Todo un Loquillo. Prior to joining the Cheezburger, Chiquiza worked for several major players in the media industry including The Washington Post, Google and Sony.

“Cheezburger’s existing editorial voice and style is appealing to me, and it’s an honor to be producing our new channel with a 100% focus in Spanish,” says Juan Pablo Chiquiza. “Being involved from the beginning of this new experience is a rare opportunity and I’m excited about leading it.”

Since its inception in 2007, Cheezburger has become a major player in the digital media and entertainment industry. The company already delivers mainstream fun to millions online, and now with the launch of Eres Todo un Loquillo, it hopes to reach new millennial readers who are seeking funny content in Spanish.

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