Pointlogic USA and Conill today announced a multi-year agreement on a new media channel allocation tool based on Pointlogic’s Commspoint, its industry leading communications planning software. Commspoint Hispanic (Conill’s version is named Sherlock™) is the first known channel planning tool to target the rapidly growing Hispanic population in the U.S.

Commspoint Hispanic will give Pointlogic clients the opportunity to develop communication plans using appropriate acculturation levels within the U.S. Hispanic population. Users will be able to immediately determine if a specific media channel (e.g., mobile, television etc) will outshine another for a particular communication effort.

Conill’s Sherlock™ employs a unique algorithm to analyze a variety of data points, providing the best possible media engagement plan targeting Hispanic consumers. In all, the tool is able to provide placement advice to clients and brand planners across 58 distinct media channels, including 22 digital touchpoints. It was developed with insights from the agency’s brand and media planning and purchasing teams.

“As cultural curators, our media planning tools need to reveal the nuances between ethnic group media consumption and the impact distinct channels have on Hispanics in particular,” said Conill Chief Media Communications Officer Brett Dennis. “It’s undeniable that media has become intrinsically linked to creative development. Sherlock™ helps us bridge the gap between art and science, while making the channel planning process faster, smarter and more accountable for our clients.

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