LOS ANGELES, CA— “B Here” the new campaign launch by PLAN C Agency, who  in collaboration with biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, launched a Hepatitis B awareness campaign targeted at three college campuses in the West Coast. The goal was to bring up the much needed awareness regarding the rising epidemic of Hepatitis B among Asian Americans and educate the youth on the importance of getting tested.

The campaign included live performances – featuring YouTube comedians and artists HappySlip, KevJumba, David Choi and Paul Dateh as well as Kaba Modern part of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew – combined with art exhibits of original artwork pertaining to Hepatitis B and its damaging effects on the Asian American community. By integrating social media entertainers along with a live forum, the artists were able to inspire and interact with second generation Asian Americans to help spread the word on Hepatitis B prevention and encourage those living with the disease to continue their fight.

In Medical Marketing & Media, the “B HERE” campaign was noted as, “real social media in action,” by Awaken Interactive, a technology agency which helped with the campaign. PLAN C’s efforts were highlighted for successfully being able to reach second generation Asian Americans, who are taking an active role in helping first generation Asian American parents with health issues, as explained by Sid Ho, partner at Awaken Interactive.

“In the major markets–New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco–there is an Asian American social scene that is quite active,” said Ho in Medical Marketing & Media. “It’s almost like a big clique in terms of the 18-29 demographics, and PLAN C is an agency that lives and breathes this demographic.  They have access to entertainers, performers and artists that Asian Americans follow very closely.”

The “B HERE” campaign will be at five other college campuses across the U.S. starting March 2010.

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