One of the foundations of a strong brand is not just an understanding of its core market, but also a dedication to sticking with its changes in expectations. One ethnicity-bending brand appears to be doing just that, despite largely flying under the media’s radar. 

Its latest press release begins, “Hispanic population growth is expected in the 2010 census results. For Pizza Patrón, the leading pizza brand in the US Latino market, this is no surprise.”

Founded in Dallas in 1986, the brand today boasts 100 carry-out and dine-in locations in seven states. The brand added seven new stores in 2010 and saw 7 percent growth, not bad for a recession.

Visually, the Pizza Patrón brand identity is a little like a very Latin version of Rocky Rococo. Some of the products offered by Pizza Patron, such as Patrón Dips, Fiesta Wings, QuesoStix, mad Amigo Pizza, come across almost like a culturally insensitive comedy skit about a “normal” fast food restaurant run by Hispanics. Late last year, the brand scored a major expansion success by releasing a frozen pizza line. But this brand is no joke.

Read the entire article at Hispanic Trending.

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