The former leaders of Anita Santiago Advertising and several associates from The Phelps Group have joined forces to create Phelps Total Market LLC (PTM), a new women- and minority-owned entity (WMBE and MBE) positioned to deliver comprehensive marketing communications that address ethnic groups as a growing majority of consumers of the general market.

In 2000, California became the first large “majority-minority” state according to the U.S. Census. Current estimates show 37% of California’s population is Latino, compared to 42% of non-Hispanic white persons.*

Traditionally, campaigns to reach multicultural audiences originate from multiple agencies, where the competition for budgets creates conflict. The minority agency is treated as an add-on to the existing general market agency and the results too often suffer due to the unintegrated campaigns.

PTM is staffed and structured to match the messaging and the media to these culturally rich groups, while executing the media spend according to the buying power of these populations.

PTM will provide multicultural communication services by drawing on the expertise of veteran minority marketers, as well as the resources of The Phelps Group, one of L.A.’s longest-standing and leading independent agencies. Phelps Total Market leadership is made up of marketing professionals with expertise in reaching the Hispanic, Japanese and broader Asian communities.

PTM is organized in self-directed, client-centric teams within a full-feedback environment, as opposed to traditional “departments” that fight for client budget. This absence of conflict allows for true integration. PTM also has access to The Phelps Group’s full resources to execute campaigns, including the agency’s in-house studio facilities for video production, as well as its digital developers, advertising, PR and social media specialists.

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimates Program (PEP)

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