According to the National Cancer Institute, one Latina in the U.S. dies from breast cancer every 90 minutes. Not only is it the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Latinas, but it is also the leading cause of cancer deaths among them. Unfortunately, for many different reasons, early detection is often disregarded, leading to late diagnoses and a higher mortality rate.

To heighten awareness about breast cancer detection, Procter & Gamble’s Orgullosa – an online community dedicated to celebrate, empower, and fuel Latinas’ accomplishments and dreams — teamed up with Liga Contra el Cáncer to ignite the conversation with Latinas about the importance of taking action & preparing an early detection plan. With the support of Liga Contra el Cáncer, a center that is dedicated to providing free cancer services for underserved patients, Orgullosa kicks off an online initiative aimed at mobilizing Latinas to take charge of their health and spread the message that early detection is the best protection against breast cancer.


To highlight the awareness levels of breast cancer among women, Orgullosa implemented a national survey that found that:


·         80 percent of Latinas are not aware that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among them.

·         88 percent of Latinas acknowledged knowing how to conduct breast self-examination; however, less than half (45%) report examining themselves once a month.

·         Latinas ages 55-64 are more likely than those ages 18-34 to perform breast self-examinations at least monthly (53% vs. 37%).


“The statistics on breast cancer mortality rates among Latinas are alarming. At Procter & Gamble, we recognize that early detection is critical to protecting women’s health and combating the disease. That’s why we’ve developed an online initiative that not only provides women with information, but rallies them to help spread the message that early detection saves lives,” said Luis Restrepo, Orgullosa Senior Brand Manager. “To engage with Latinas on the topic of breast cancer prevention in a meaningful way, we’ve developed an interactive online

footprint on the Orgullosa community that offers women the chance to connect with one another on an emotional level and give back to those in need.”

To inform and inspire its community to join the conversation about early detection, Orgullosa created an interactive online hub that enables Latinas to connect on the topic, give back to underserved Latina patients through a donation, and honor loved ones affected by the disease via a digital tribute. Elements of the initiative include:


·         Providing free mammograms to underserved women at Liga Contra el Cáncer. Throughout the month of October, for every new “Like” received on the Orgullosa Facebook page a $1 donation will be made. Through its donation, Orgullosa aims to provide a total of 300 mammograms screenings.

·         Honoring loved ones affected by breast cancer by unveiling a digital mosaic that allows the Orgullosa Facebook community to upload a photo with a personalized message.

·         Teaming up with experts and Latina bloggers from across the country to drive conversation about early detection.

·         Highlighting the strength and resilience of women currently undergoing breast cancer treatment at Liga Contra el Cáncer by giving them a special makeover experience that focuses on celebrating Latina beauty through strength and courage.

“For a second consecutive year, we are proud to partner with Orgullosa to help raise awareness around the importance of Latinas being proactive about their health and having a breast cancer risk reduction plan,” said Adriana Cora, Executive Vice President of Liga Contra el Cáncer.  “Early detection can save lives. Create an early detection plan today and encourage the women in your life to do the same.”

To learn more about Orgullosa’s Breast Cancer Awareness initiative, visit the Orgullosa Facebook page at or

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