Procter & Gamble and Goya Foods topped of the list of all advertisers on Hispanic websites during the previous week: July 1 – July 7, 2013. Newly released data from Media Economics Group show that Procter & Gamble accounted for a 4.4811% share of all ad occurrences on the nearly 200 Hispanic websites tracked by Media Economics Group via the HispanicWebMonitor™ online competitive tracking service.

Goya Foods ranked second with a 3.4038% share among all 611 active advertisers during the week on Hispanic websites. Allstate Insurance Company ranked third with a 2.9891% share.

Altogether, the top 10 advertisers accounted for 24.25% of all ad occurrences by the 611 companies that were active advertisers on Hispanic websites during the July 1 – 7 period.

Top Spanish-language Advertisers:

.Procter & Gamble and Goya Foods also topped the list of companies using Spanish-language (or English/Spanish) advertising on Hispanic websites. Among Spanish-language advertisers, P&G’s share rose to 5.7707% and Goya’s share rose to 5.2984%.

Comcast Corporation, Wells Fargo & Company, and Nestle S.A. were also among top 10 Hispanic online advertisers using Spanish-language (but not among the top 10 advertisers when including English-language advertisers).

Overall, there were 611 advertisers active on Hispanic online sites during the week of July 1 – July 7. Of those active advertisers, 249 used Spanish or English-language messaging in their online advertising.


Top Brands/Campaigns:

Tri-Honda Dealers held the top spot among all Hispanic online brands/campaigns with a 2.7463% share, followed by AllState with a 2.3720% share, and Goya “Beech-Nut” with a 2.3518% share.

P&G’s top online activity was for Gillette “Fusion ProGlide Styler” brand (1.6589% share).

Other top brands/campaigns included: State Farm, Tecate, Mountain Dew “KickStart”, CenturyLink “Prism TV”, Tequila Hornitos “Reposado”, and

Overall, during the first week of Juy, 2013 there were 1,010 active brands/campaigns in any language on Hispanic websites and 424 Spanish-language (or English/Spanish) campaigns that were active.

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