Premios de La Radio, considered on of the most important celebrations of the Mexican music genre attracting some of the biggest names from the Latin music world, took place at the Gibson Amphitheater in LA on November 7th. President and Founder of Peruanitos Foundation, Jimmy Perez Johnson, walked the red carpet to raise awareness of his non-profit organization whose mission is to get aid to the most impoverished towns in Peru where more than 6.5 million live below the poverty line. Peruanitos Foundation has always been linked to great Latino personalities from the music and film industries such as Gabriela Spanic, Mariana Seoane, Christian Chavez, Bobby Larios and Niurka, who have all contributed to the foundation by donations and by lending their image to the foundation’s cause.

With the support of the beautiful Miss Chile 2010, Tanya Del Solar Prussing, foundation president Jimmy Perez Johnson had the opportunity to walk down the red carpet and spread the news of the foundation while sharing some smiles with friends and supporters like Premios de La Radio winner, Patricia Monterola.

Many celebrities graced the events’ red carpet such as Joan Sebastian, Jenny Rivera, Ana Barbara, Gerardo Ortiz, Vicky and Marisol of horoscopes Durango and more who went on to receive awards, nominations and other honors.

The foundation is in the process of planning a major project that President Perez -Johnson will be announcing soon. It recently revamped its Facebook page and is increasing its presence in social media.


About Peruanitos Foundation: Founded in 2006, Peruanitos Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Peru’s poorest children, especially those forced by poverty or violence to live on the street. For information on upcoming events, donations and more, please visit


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