Entravision launched its new weekly political public affairs show “Perspectiva Nacional con Armando Guzman” on all 24 of its owned and operated Univision affiliate television stations, including stations in key battleground states such as Connecticut, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, California, Massachusetts and Texas, in addition to Washington, D.C. The show will be rebroadcast on 36 of Entravision’s owned and operated radio stations in California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas and also Entravision’s interactive properties, allowing further audience engagement through its social media, online and mobile platforms.

The show, which begin airing yesterday, will be hosted by Armando Guzman, a well-known and award-winning Washington, D.C. news correspondent and anchor. Each week, the program will highlight the most pressing political news, issues and events impacting the U.S. Hispanic community. The show will include experts from the political arena who will discuss and provide insights into the critical issues that are important to the Latino community, with a heightened focus on the upcoming elections.

The inaugural episode, which will focus on Latinos in the 2012 election, will include commentary from Representative Mario Diaz Ballard (R-FL); Representative and Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Xavier Becerra (D-CA); Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director of the Pew Hispanic Center; and Clarissa Martinez, Director of Immigration and National Campaigns for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

“As a frontrunner in Spanish-language television, radio and interactive, we constantly seek to deliver programming with popular and talented personalities, like Armando, that inform and educate our growing audiences with news that is most relevant to them,” said Walter F. Ulloa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entravision. “With the election rapidly approaching, the addition of ‘Perspectiva Nacional con Armando Guzman’ to our scheduling lineup will be a valuable resource to our viewers as we keep them up-to-date with the latest election news and headlines.”

Armando Guzman has been a leading correspondent in Washington, D.C. for over 20 years on a variety of networks including leading English-language and Spanish-language broadcasters. He has anchored and produced numerous successful programs such as “Temas y Debates,” “Hechos AM,” as well as “Issues: Caras Y Voces.” Armando’s excellence in broadcast journalism has also led him to win a number of awards including the Edward Murrow award, “Premio Nacional de Periodismo” and The National Journalism Award of Mexico.

In its ongoing commitment to keeping its Hispanic audiences well-informed with the latest issues and current events on both regional and national levels, Entravision recently broadcasted an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama. The interview, hosted by Oswaldo “Erazno” Diaz, aired on Entravision’s La Tricolor radio stations and online platforms around the country and focused on a variety of political issues impacting the Hispanic population including the DREAM Act, immigration reform and the upcoming presidential election. For the full audio of the interview, please visit http://www.965tricolor.com/341076-entrevista-exclusiva-al-presidente-barack-obama.php.

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