In the 1980s Michael Jackson pitched it as “the choice of a new generation.” In 1990 Ray Charles told people they “had the right one, baby.” Now, Pepsi wants people to “Live for Now.”

A multiyear campaign featuring that tagline, as well as various online components, ads and partnerships will roll out globally for the cola brand this year, starting on Monday in the United States.

The campaign is the biggest evidence to date of a renewed focus on marketing at PepsiCo, which has faced pressure from Wall Street to improve North American beverage sales. The company is spending an additional $500 million to $600 million this year on marketing a dozen of its brands, starting with its flagship cola.

Another facet of the campaign is the “Pepsi Pulse,” an interactive website that will feature pop-culture information, entertainment news and original content.

There will also be a version of the Pulse targeting Hispanic consumers called “Mi Pepsi.”

Read the entire article at Reuters.

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