Indomina Media International and Pantelion Films, the joint venture between Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the premier next generation global content leader, and Mexican media corporation Grupo Televisa, have partnered for the second time to co-finance and distribute internationally several predominantly Spanish language films, the two companies announced Friday.

The multi-picture deal provides for the Dominican-based production branch of Indomina Media International to finance the production of up to four films per year with wide commercial appeal, high crossover potential and guaranteed international distribution. Pantelion will acquire worldwide distribution rights to all films which will be released by Pantelion in the US and Videocine, Televisa’s film arm in Mexico.

The partnership already has two projects in early stages of preproduction — “Complices” and  “Quien Manda?” the latter being produced by Zoe and Cicely Saldana through their production company Cinestar Productions and by Marco Films.  The comedy “Complices” follows a philanderer forced to take his heartbroken nephew with him on a sexy beach vacation.  “Quien Manda?” is a remake of a popular, award-winning Dominican romantic comedy about a charming womanizer who finds the tables have turned when he falls for a woman who’s a bigger “player” than he is. The companies are also planning to develop a Spanish language remake of the Lionsgate comedy “Employee of the Month.”

The films will be entirely produced in the Dominican Republic, taking advantage of the uniquely diverse range of filming locations available in the country, and the powerful film incentives offered by the Dominican government. Moreover, the films will maximize the deployment of the growing creative and technical capabilities of the Dominican talent and crew base. Additionally, the productions will leverage the state-of-the-art studio and production services provided by Pinewood Dominican Republic, an Indomina Group company managed and marketed by Pinewood Studios Group.

“This agreement builds on our existing partnership with Pantelion and provides Indomina with robust, global clout in the Spanish language content segment,” explained Indomina’s CEO Antonio Gennari. “We view this development as bold evidence that Indomina is truly expanding its global audience reach.”

“The success of Pantelion is dependent on great movies that resonate not only with Hispanic moviegoers but have potential appeal for broader audiences,” said Pantelion CEO Paul Presburger.  “With the success of ‘Instructions Not Included’ we are seeing a demand for more high concept Spanish language films that will work not only in the US and Mexico, but the rest of the Latin world as well. This new agreement continues our successful working relationship with Indomina and capitalizes on their production resources and expertise.”

The slate is financed by Indomina’s newly formed fund with the purpose of developing and producing Dominican films targeting international audiences. The funds advisory board includes Dominican director/producer Juan Basanta and William Morris Endeavor’s Alexis Garcia.

Development and production will be overseen by Stacey Stanley, VP of Indomina Media International as well as producer Sandra Condito.

Pantelion and Indomina previously collaborated on the 2012 release “Filly Brown” and partnered in 2013 for the co-financing and distribution of films for the English-speaking mainstream market.

About Pantelion:
Pantelion Films a major Latino Hollywood studio and the new face of Hispanic entertainment. Launched in 2010, Pantelion releases include the recent breakout hit “Instructions Not Included,” the highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever released in the US, as well as such films as “Pulling Strings,” “Casa de mi Padre” and “From Prada to Nada.”

About Indomina:
The Indomina Group is a holding company that invests in an array of media & entertainment related assets. With headquarters in Santo Domingo and offices in Los Angeles, Indomina’s global operations include the development, production and financing of motion pictures and television content, as well as the ownership of Pinewood Dominican Republic studios

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