South by Southwest is only about 3 months away.  Their Interactive sessions are taking place on March 11-15.

Although there were many submissions, below are two panels for the SXSW that you may find relevant (I’m sure there will be tons more you might be interested in – click here to see them all):

Latin America’s Digital Middle Class: Six Key Insights
Latin America has a history of revolutions, but the tide of social change that is approaching will dwarf those that came before. In Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, the digital divide between the traditional “haves and have-nots” is disappearing, essentially moving an entire class of people from economic despair toward a stable middle class. A digital middle class. And the rise of this digital middle class will have far-reaching implications beyond just that of marketing and even beyond the borders of Latin America. This new class will revolutionize the way you think of social interactions, and will redefine the playing field in our time.

Hispanic Marketing After the 2010 Census
After the 2000 Census, companies began paying more attention to the Hispanic market. The estimated buying power at the time was $500 Billion and has steadily increased since then. However, large corporations still struggle when it comes to marketing to Hispanics because they do not understand the subjective culture of the Hispanic marketplace–beliefs, fundamental priorities, modes of communication, technology adoption and buying habits (such as who makes the purchasing decisions in the household). In this presentation, we’ll explore the diversity of the Hispanic market such as how Hispanic markets in the U.S. vary by Designated Market Area (DMA). For example, how Los Angeles is different than Miami. We’ll discuss commonalities in marketing to this group as well as how to translate your brand attributes so that they have cultural significance to Hispanics. Hispanics adopt new technologies at a faster rate than the general population making them segmented since they are heavy consumers of both online and mobile media. Therefore, the media marketing mix has to be more diverse. We’ll show where the Hispanics are, what they are consuming, and how to reach sub-demographics such as “Hispanic females aged 18-24 in Dallas.” We’ll also discuss the nuances of marketing to 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics–some of whom may only speak English but who still identify strongly with the culture.

SOURCE Latino Rebranded/Louis Pagan

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