WebCongress is returning to Miami for the 2nd edition of its Digital Marketing Event on 7th and 8th, November 2013. This year they are connecting 1000 attendees in James.L.knight Center with powerful brands like Discovery, Microsoft, AOL, Google, Blackberry, Terra and more.

WebCongress is organized globally and functions as a leading source for digital marketing strategies, business and new trends. The event attracts 1000 Attendees, Marketers, Businesses, Brands, Investors and Media from all over Europe, US and Latin America. We have a history of global events with speakers from respected companies such as Google, Facebook, Blackberry, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, Samsung, Spotify, Intel and more.

This year WebCongress will be Bigger, Better and More Inspiring. We will cover trending topics such as Search Marketing optimized for Latin American markets, user engagement, conversion optimization, mobile money, digital marketing, online ads & web analytics.


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