Jesse Jackson-Fox News LatinoBY MANNY RUIZ

In the midst of the greatest cultural and political crisis it has possibly ever faced, the U.S. Latino community is lost, constantly reactive in its positions and increasingly out of sync with itself at a time when it most needs strong, consistent and visionary leadership.

As the presidential primaries constantly belch some of the most anti-Latino rhetoric in history, we are left to ask: Where is a Latino Jesse Jackson when you need him?

This question will be a major topic of discussion in Miami this week at Hispanicize, the largest annual gathering of Latino bloggers, journalists, marketing execs and entertainers in the U.S.

Our community needs a unifying leader because U.S. Hispanics have a $1.2 trillion collective buying power but little to show for such economic muscle in terms of respect and dignity as Americans. Never has there been a greater need for somebody to make the case that when you demonize Latinos you are undermining the very demographic that will carry the American brand well into the future.

Repeating Same Script and Mistakes

As this crisis rages, what is most disturbing is that our collective community of more than 55 million – nearly one-fifth of the total U.S. population – is becoming dangerously numb to the almost daily race-baiting attacks splattered all over TV and in social media.

The usual Latino reaction, of course, is to direct our anger at Republicans. We blame Donald Trump…READ THE FULL STORY HERE.

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