Open English, an online English-language learning school in Latin America, announced on Friday their official expansion to the U.S., bringing an affordable teacher-led instructional model to Hispanics nationwide. The launch of the company’s U.S. Hispanic efforts will be fueled by a national advertising and marketing campaign.

English proficiency is known as a gateway to economic opportunity for many across the globe, and nowhere more so than the United States. On the heels of its success throughout Latin America and Brazil, Open English will now target the U.S. Hispanic market investing in an audience that represents the fastest growing minority population.

“We are thrilled to officially bring Open English to the United States. This country like nowhere else opens doors to a brighter future,” said Founder and Executive Chairman, Andres Moreno. “Thanks to word of mouth in South America, we have seen more and more U.S. Hispanics enrolling in our school. We are excited to build on this organic growth and momentum.”

Open English offers an innovative approach to learning English complete with unlimited live classes with native English speakers and over 2,000 hours of engaging multi-media content. This makes for a convenient, effective and affordable way to learn the language.

“Originally from Venezuela myself, the U.S. has been pivotal to my success as an entrepreneur as well as the success and ongoing growth of Open English,” added Moreno. “I moved to the U.S. with only $700 in my pocket and thanks to the opportunities afforded to us, we’ve been able to raise $120 million that has allowed us to expand our vision regionally.”

According to Pew Hispanic Center, 68% of Hispanic immigrant adults say they do not speak English or don’t speak English very well.iFurthermore, nearly one in 10 working-age U.S. adults—19.2 million persons aged 16 to 64—is considered limited English proficient.ii

Open English is the leading online English-language learning school across the hemisphere. The company’s model has proven disruptive to the marketplace with over 300,000 students across 20 countries.

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