It is evident that the consumption of online video is growing exponentially. According to comScore, 82% of internet users consume online video content on a regular basis. As a consequence, this trend presents itself as a new challenge and opportunity for marketers and agencies that see this type of service as a new tool and platform for distributing their advertising proposals.

Online video advertising is the advertising format which has grown the most during the past few months.

Although it is true that we started off on a small basis (3.7% of digital advertising in the world, according to the latest information from IAB), video presents a sea of possibilities for marketers and a new way of reaching users.

Today it is the support–the content portals or means of communication–that serve or publish video advertising campaigns that appear before its content. What is the problem? Mainly, the integration of the support. Currently, a system that standardizes the formats or players does not exist, thereford each webpage or online media outlet has a different videoplayer, which furthermore is capable of offering different metrics for measuring results.

This means that one of the most important aspects of the media campaigns, the capacity to measure the results, remains minimized. Media agencies lose the capacity to offer their clients consistent metrics on all of the supports, which does not favor the advertiser’s trust, and slows the growth of investment in online media.

On the other hand, what is still in use today are the traditional 20 or 30 second television ads that are also being used online. The same ad is displayed throughout the entire campaign according to the valid TV model. However, the advertising seen online is capable of offering much more to both users and marketers, and of being more efficient.

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