PRSAThis week, PRSA submitted formal comments to the Federal Trade Commission concerning potential revisions to the Commission’s “Dot Com Disclosures: Information About Online Advertising.” This document laid the groundwork for how businesses communicate with and advertise to consumers online.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this seminal guide dramatically enhanced the level of transparency in online marketing and communications between businesses and consumers.

But like all good things, updates are necessary. The proliferation of new technology and social networks have given businesses many exciting opportunities to reach and market consumers online. Yet, issues have arisen regarding online consumer protections. When the original guidelines were issued in 2000, Twitter and Facebook didn’t exist and most online advertising occurred through banner or display ads. The ability to track, engage and market consumers within these mediums was relatively immature.

With that in mind, PRSA seeks more clear guidance and examples from the FTC regarding how online disclosures should be implemented, given the new challenges and realities marketers face daily.

Read the entire article at PRSAY.

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